Sit-Stand Smart Mat

Sit-Stand Smart Mat

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  • Anti-Fatigue Mats are great for standing but get in the way of the chair for sitting.
  • Chairs must be rolled on top of the mats where they don't fit and "lock" into position OR users must bend down to move the mat.


  • Foot activated, which allows the mat to "move like magic".
  • Easily moved back and forth under the desk without bending or lifting.
  • Proven to increase standing times.
  • Also the most comfortable mat on the market for sock, stocking or bare feet as the soft, breathable top isn't sticky or hot.

Mat measures 22" x 32" and is a unique rubber compound that is a cushiony 5/8" thick. 

Option 1: Carpets 

Option 2: Hard Surfaces - Wood flooring, tile/concrete, or plastic chair mats over carpet.

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