Logitech Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard K811



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Sleek, wireless keyboard for all your Apple devices and iOS devices.
Bluetooth provides a wireless operating range of up to 33'. 
Handy pushbutton lets you toggle between your Apple devices.  Lets you switch between typing on your Mac, iPad and iPhone by simply pushing a button.
Offers faster, more accurate typing compared to virtual keyboards.  The Mac-style keyboard includes Command and Option keys.
Backlit keys let you type in low light — or no light.  Brightness level is user-settable. Plus, illumination dims when you're away from keyboard, then brightens when you return, to conserve battery power.
Convenient rechargability — no batteries to replace.  Recharges via a USB connection (cable included). An indicator lights to show when it's time to recharge (keyboard can be used during recharging). An on/off switch extends battery life.
Stylish aluminum finish complements your Mac or iOS device.  Features ultra-thin design.