Kinesis Freestyle2 Keyboard (Wireless)



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From small to tall and body types in between, the Freestyle2 Blue (wireless) allows for maximum flexibility catering to each individual’s unique needs. Out of the box both modules are connected together by a flexible pivot tether allowing an infinite range of splay. Disconnecting the pivot tether allows up to 9 inches of complete separation of both left and right keying modules. Perfect for individual needs ranging from a narrow footprint to complete separation. This design greatly reduces and or/eliminates ulnar deviation.


  • Familiar key layout - Familiar key layout provides for minimal adaptation time.
  • Volume control & calculator keys - Embedded Volume Up, Down, Mute and Calculator keys.
  • Re-designed slide release button - The slide release button has been re-designed, making for an effortless disengagment
  • Optional palm supports - Optional padded palm supports reduce wrist extension by keeping wrists neutra