Bakker Elkhuizen Q-Board

Bakker Elkhuizen Q-Board

Bakker Elkhuizen

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The Q-board is an ergonomic compact keyboard with a deep desktop key touch.

Thanks to its compact format the reaching distance to the mouse is shortened, preventing excessive strain.

"The keyboard has an integrated numeric pad and 10 conveniently placed extra office keys. You will reach for the mouse less often, making more use of the extra function keys like cut and paste.

This keyboard can also be easily carried along in your laptop case, making it a full-fledged alternative to a traditional keyboard."


Name - Q-board
Cable length - 140 cm
Rechargeable - No
Drivers - Plug & Play
Width - 336 mm (13.23 inches)
Height - 32 mm (1.26 inches)
Depth - 165 mm (6.5 inches)
Weight - 690 gr (24.34 ounces)
Sort - Compact / Mini
Wired - Yes
Mobile - No
With USB Hub - No
Key stroke - Desktop keys

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