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Most-Ergo is an independent business entity that is your source for high quality ergonomic equipment and expedient, professional and courteous services.

Most-Ergo’s approach is primarily a business-to-business model to address clients’ needs for acquiring, installing and reviewing products in a cost effective manner. Our method for servicing clients specifically in the product area includes but is not limited to:

  1. Providing clients with the ability to order online, by email or by telephone to allow for the most convenient and cost-effective means for each of our clients to purchase equipment. We emphasize the increase in efficiency and convenience to the clients for the acquisition and tracking of equipment they have ordered
  2. Installation and delivery of equipment with the option of training on equipment use and adjustments
  3. Provision of competitive product quotes in a timely manner, emphasizing the “personal” service
  4. Assisting clients by bringing demo products to the site for trial periods as needed
  5. Assisting existing and new clients with development of standardized equipment lists
  6. Assisting existing and new clients with setting up onsite “ergo labs” for employees to review and trial products
  7. Providing demo equipment during internal ergonomics trainings and/or meetings.

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